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Sanitization techs - businessThe coronavirus has up-ended life for everyone in Providence, Rhode Island, and throughout the U.S. While it may be difficult to adapt to certain lifestyle changes such as social distancing and working from home, these adjustments are essential. We at 911 Restoration believe every challenge presents an opportunity for a Fresh Start. But in circumstances as dire as a worldwide pandemic, a Fresh Start will not come without extreme vigilance.

Coronavirus is extremely contagious, often infecting people days before they show symptoms. Asymptomatic carriers can spread the virus, which puts everyone at risk as those who assume they don’t have the virus still go out into the community. The resilient nature of coronavirus adds to the challenge. The CDC warns that the virus survives on some surfaces for several hours or even days. This means an infected individual can leave a space contaminated long after they’re gone.

Please do not use your own health and age as a gauge for how seriously you must take this pandemic. Even if you are not at high risk for severe coronavirus infection, many in your community are. Any carelessness in hygiene, social distancing, or property sanitization could create fatal danger for someone else.

Sanitization & Disinfection ServicesClean diligently, especially if a member of your household is elderly, immunocompromised, or has pre-existing medical conditions. Remember that every time a family member goes out into the community, they risk exposure to coronavirus. Disinfect door knobs, light switches, and other high-touch surfaces.

If you own a retail store, office space, or any other commercial facility, recognize that your building is at high risk of contamination. Each person who enters your space comes from a different home environment. They also may have passed through other public environments before entering your store or office. If they have been exposed to coronavirus, they could carry it onto your property without realizing it. This puts you, your employees, and the larger community at risk.

Suffice to say, deep cleaning and regular disinfection are crucial for community peace of mind. We at 911 Restoration of Providence would like to help you reassure the people around you with professional sanitization services. We offer deep cleaning for business and residential properties in Providence and throughout Rhode Island. Every member of our sanitization crew has been thoroughly trained in CDC and EPA protocols. These technicians are not just disinfection experts. They are also your neighbors, eager to do whatever they can to put their suffering community at ease. Expect compassion, clear communication, and a high standard of service.

Coronavirus is a very real and significant threat. But Rhode Island is strong. Together, we’ll get through this. And if you need sanitization and disinfection service in Providence or beyond, call 911 Restoration today.

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