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Learn How To Stop Freezing Pipes During A Snow Storm

Published by Jennifer on January 10, 2018 in category: Water Damage Restoration

If the blizzard also known as a bomb cyclone affected your home or business, property owners can call the snow storm damage repair team at 911 Restoration of Rhode Island any time, day or night, and workers will arrive within 45 minutes ready to get to work.

It is very important that all moisture that invaded the home during the storm is removed from the interior as quickly as possible, so we keep our office open 24/7/365, ensuring that you never have to wait for help during a blizzard, even if the weather conditions are harsh.

Our staff always implements same day services for all storm related issues, because 911 Restoration of Rhode Island wants to give your home and your items the best possible chances of recovery.

Contact 911 Restoration of Rhode Island today, and we will give you a free home inspection immediately upon arrival to better understand the extent of the damage and start the restoration process.

Know How To Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

By taking precautionary measures you can avoid frozen pipes during the cold spike caused by the bomb cyclone.

If you can, drain all the water from your sprinkler system water supply and swimming pool (if you own one). It may seem tempting to use antifreeze in these lines, but please avoid doing so if you can. Thee chemicals are quite toxic and harmful to the environment.

Remove hoses from the water line and drain them completely. Close the inside valves that provide the water to the outside hose bibs and drain these, as well. However, keep the outside valve open in order to allow frozen water to expand without bursting the pipe.

Add insulation to parts of your home that are susceptible to getting very cold, such as the garage, crawlspaces, attics and basements. This will increase the temperature to these parts of the home.

Insulate the hot and cold water pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. Using a pipe sleeve, heating tape or a heating cable will make a huge difference when it comes battling these freezing temperatures brought on by the blizzard.

We Want To Make Sure You Are Comfortable During A Snow Storm

It can be an arduous task to live in a home that is actively being affected by a raging snow storm, especially if your home has experienced significant damage and requires extensive renovations.

Our snow storm unit want to make you as at ease as possible during this time, which requires 911 Restoration of Rhode Island to provide you with excellent customer service.

We will help you with everything, from getting your home restored to guiding you through the insurance process. Our staff members will even file your claim for you and do all they can to get you the coverage you deserve.

Call 911 Restoration of Rhode Island today and we will guarantee that you get affordable snow storm restoration from a competent source that you can trust.

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